Maniyassery Temple
Maniyassery Temple

Maniyassery Tharawad, the birthplace of well known Sri. Neelakanta Pilai Sarvadhi Kariyakkar. The house was made of wooden walls. There was a small veranda in front of the house. The main room was called Ara, which was in the middle. On the right side, there was an ‘L-shaped’ room with three doors;
Gowri Pillai Memorial Hall – A Memoir one door towards the front veranda, one on the side to step out to the courtyard and the other to a small room near kitchen.From this L-shaped room, there was a door to enter Nilavara.Nilavara was under the Ara. On the left-side of the veranda
was the kitchen.The middle room was believed to be the place of worship ofour family deities, Gandharva Swamy and Ammamars. The house faced to the east and in front, there was a beautiful kaavu with many trees that was covered with creepers, flowers that seemed like a canopy in a vast area. Birds large and small with full freedom flew inside the kaavu announcing their presence with sweet music and twittering voice. Around the kaavu, it was very cool and calm. The cool breeze blew towards the home from the kaavu. There was a big well near the kaavu. It also is kept as sacred as it is in the vicinity of the kaavu. In the early morning when sun rises in the eastern horizon with a glowing red light, the rays fall on the smooth surface of the green leaves of the kaavu and it glitters like stars. The gentle breeze with sweet fragrance embraces us and we are left to feel that we are in a divine world. We praise the God, who is omnipresent in the gentle breeze, green leaves, birds et al. for his benevolence. Maniyassery Tharawad is an ancient family with historical importance. By the passing years, the family divided and scattered to many places. The newer generations had no idea about the family deities and their significance. Manymishaps occurred to the family members due to this. Poojas, Sarpabali, Sarppam Paatu, Pitru Ball et al. are being
done to please the deities. Gita class was started in Thiruvananthapuram under the able guidance of Smt. Bhavani Amma, one of the elder members of the family. This resulted in many members visiting Maniyassery Tharawad to take part in the annual rituals. Slowly and steadily, the Maniyassery Tharawad gave way to Maniyassery Temple as we see it today.